At Discount Roofing Supply, we have what it takes to get the job done right. We sell top roofing supplies in Miami, FL, at affordable prices. From roofing tools to protection kits, we've got the roofing equipment you need to complete the projects around your home. Contact us today, and let our knowledgeable staff put our expertise to work for you!

Roofing Equipment

Our roofing supplies are comprised of all-weather grade asphalt and fiberglass. Roofing pieces come with a reinforcing mat and adhesive strips, so you can be assured of long-lasting quality. From metal roofing to authentic slate and from clay tile to concrete, we've got what you're looking for.

ROOFING Supplies

Roof Shingles

A roofer can't go anywhere without his much-needed roofing tools. At Discount Roofing Supply, we have several rental machines available as well as simple tools and gadgets that will make your job go by faster. Our tools include wood supplies, couplings, Qual-Craft™ roof brackets, and Woods™ extension cords.

Roofer's Fall Protection Kit

The number one concern when putting a roof on any home is safety. That's why we have the Roofer's Fall Protection Kit that includes everything you need to make sure you are in good hands. It contains 5 roof anchors, 1 full-body harness, 1 vertical rope grab with 3' lanyard, 1 50' lifeline, and a carrying bag.

Supplies Include:

Concrete Tile | Clay Tile | Flat Roofing Slate | Asphalt Shingle | Metal Roofing | Roof Turbines | Skylights

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Discount Roofing Supply has more than 22 years of building experience and 15 years of providing roofing services throughout the Miami area and exporting high-quality building materials, tools, and supplies to customers. We offer the roofing supplies you need at discount prices. If you need building supplies or construction materials for your next project, talk to one of our representatives today, or come on by as our entire staff has roofing and building experience. Visit us, and see why our prices and customer service are of the highest quality!

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