At Discount Roofing Supply, we have what it takes to be your convenient roofing supply store.

We sell top roofing supplies in Miami, Florida, at affordable and competitive prices. From roofing tools to

protections kits, we have the materials you need to complete your roof project(s) whether big or small.

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Roofing Supplies

A roofer can’t go anywhere without much-needed roofing tools. At Discount Roofing Supply, we have a variety of tools and gadgets that will make your job easier. Simple tools that we have in stock are:

 Hibachi Nailing Guns

Caulking Guns and Caulkings

Blades (Saw, Tiles, Knives)

Torch Kits

Air Compressor Holes

Kettle Accessory Replacements

Paint Brushes/Rollers


 Hammers and Hammer Holders

And So Much More!


Lomanco Vents

Tropical Roofing Products 

Supplies Include but Are Not Limited to:

New and Discontinued Tiles/Flat Roof Systems/Asphalt Shingle Systems/

Slope Roof Systems/Turbines/Hurricane Caps/ Vents/Skylights

The Very Best in Supplies and Service

Our local business offers more than tools; customers turn to us for quality work as well. While our tools are only available in Miami, we perform roofing services in Miami, Broward, Palm Beach, and the Florida Keys. From repair to replacement, we’re the name to know when your property needs a better roof with improved protection. You’re always better off choosing a company that has experience and is priced competitively, serving homeowners and roofers of all experience levels.

We also ship our building and roofing construction tools and materials internationally to serve customers around the world. Visit our shop to check out our discount roofing supplies in Miami, FL, and much more that can go wherever you are. You can also view our product approvals for more information on which one is right for your needs.

Ask About the Best Products to Meet Your Needs

Our experts are available every day to provide help with any roofing project. Let them know what you’re trying to achieve, and they can point you toward the tools or services you need to make it possible. Contact us today to start your project.


Roofing Tools in Miami, FL


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Roofing Experts in Miami, FL


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We export high-quality building materials, tools, and supplies to our international
customers. We also consolidate to make shipping to freight forwarders easier
and compact. We build relationships with our freight forwarding companies to
make exporting to our customers a great and hassle-free experience!

About Us

Discount Roofing Supply is a family-owned business that has more than 22 years of roofing experience and 15 years of providing roofing services throughout Miami, Florida Keys, Broward, and Palm Beach area! We offer the roofing supplies you need at competitive prices. Visit us and see why our prices and customer service are of the highest quality! Customer Service is our number one priority and we take pride in helping our customers! Whether you are an experienced roofer, new roofer, or a homeowner wanting some expertise or assistance on a project, our team is here ready to assist you!

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